800px-FEMA_-_34511_-_Large_animal_rescue_workers_in_MissouriIt takes a certain kind of person who will use his or her life’s ambition to help animals that have landed in shelters or at rescues all over the US. Helping animals might not always be a lucrative because funding for these types of programs are made smaller with each passing year. Most shelters need to have a volunteer force to assist in the day to day routine of taking care of animals housed there. It has been studied and found that helping animals by volunteering can lower human stress levels as well as help a person to feel needed and appreciated. This is what specialists in animal control and rescue have confirmed to us.

Of all of the the emotions that are reported most frequently by workers in the animal rescue fields, happiness is reported most by many workers who assist with animal rescue and adoption. A study in Natural Health magazine (2007) showed that 95% of shelter volunteers said they got a feeling of euphoria and energy because working around the animals is a feel-good activity. This is possibly why the field of Animal Control is one of the fastest growing professions in the country.

When an animal is captured and brought to a shelter, this is when the animal is living on borrowed time. While there are many no-kill shelters, many still are faced with a euthanization time clock. In the field of animal rescue, there is an organization called the Best Friends Animal Society. This large organization has a variety of career openings for people in a wide array of professions. The directors believe that everyone who comes to work here has one thing in common — they all want to help animals and work in a community of caring people who feel the same way. Not only are there career positions in animal care, welfare and advocacy,there are also careers in administration, communications, development, veterinary care, and more. No matter what your area of expertise, some animal rescue organization may be looking for you!

Careers in animal welfare cover a broad range: Veterinarians, lawyers, marketing, writing, animal control officer, and many other behind the scenes workers that needed to care for animals who have ended up in an animal shelter. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) works with local, state and federal legislators to help enact protections for animals. People with advocacy experience could assist the organization by grass root campaigns or lobbying efforts on behalf of animals. No matter your age, location or financial situation, there is always something you can do that will benefit an animal shelter. Help Animals by

Remember taking a career in Animal Rescue will be difficult, physical work in places where animals might not survive. These organizations need upbeat people working for them that can detach somewhat from their true feelings about what a successful rescue looks like for an animal. Sometimes not even a seasoned employee can handle saying goodbye to animals that they take care of. It is for these reasons that employment in the Animal Rescue business will benefit the worker and the animal being taken care of. People working together can make a difference, so if I suppose that constitutes a do over, I would probably be the person who would feel the happiness of loving one’s job if I could help out the local shelter or assist in any career that is in the animal rescue business.